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Bridlewood 2009 Blend 175

This Central Coast red table wine is a complete "suck it" to tradition; blending Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel.  This would likely be illegal in France.  It has a profile unlike anything I have had before and thus it took half a glass to get my bearings. I like it though and would buy some more. We are big fans of Bridlewood and they pages out a solid with this one.


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Dynamic 2010 Red Table Wine

From Trader Joe's, this was in their red blends section for about $6. I'm satisfied. 34% Syrah, but whats the rest? Bordeaux varietals? Zin? Gamay? Concord? Who knows? Who cares? For $6, this could be my house red if it plays it's cards right. It is light and fun and has a good balance of fruit and spice. Throw your expectations in the gutter and be pleasantly surprised.

J 2001 Russian River Valley Brut Magnum

Can you say magnum baby? We finally cracked this for the two year old's birthday party. It was crisp and bubbly and balanced and complex all at the same time. J makes a fine sparkler.

Trinity Hill 2008 Chardonnay Gimblett Gravels

Beautiful straw color. Apple, vanilla, peach, full bodied, new world (N Zed), buttery with a nice acidic zing that brings it all in balance. Should go well with our fish pie.