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Showing posts from May, 2009

Babcock 2005 Black Label Cuvee Syrah

What a wonderful and balanced wine! We've been sitting on this for years and a lovely (foggy), lazy, Sunday afternoon felt like the time was just right. And it was. There are strong notes of stone fruit, a good amount of oak, black pepper, a solid amount of tannins - all working harmoniously to level out what could otherwise be a hot wine at 14.3% alcohol. We still have the 2006... But we'll save that for next year. A great buy.

Rock Hollow 2005 Central Coast Merlot

We picked this up for $6 (or so) at Curtis Winery in Santa Ynez. Not sure the relationship between Rock Hollow and Curtis but we're glad these were part of some "everything must go" sale because they're a great buy. I'd even pay $15 for it.

Estancia 2007 Monterey County Sav Blanc

Tasty, and I picked it up nearly half off at Safeway.

Estancia, 2008 Pinot Grigio

$12.99 on sale for $6.99. Great PG for the dough.

Ridge 2004 Dynamite Hill Petite Sirah

Can I call this dynamite? Well it is. Another marvelous wine from Ridge. Money's been tight lately but when they keep sending us bottles like this one, we keep forgetting to stop the club. Highly recommended, get a few if you can find it.