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Showing posts from February, 2011

Sacred Hill 2007 Pinot Noir

This juicy Pinot hails from Central Otago in New Zealand, I hope they haven't been hit too bad by the recent earthquake in Christchurch. This was another grab from The Grocery Outlet for about $6. There are tasty jammy fruits of red ripe goodness. There is some oak too. Drink up cowboy.

Clos Du Bois 2008 Rosé, Sonoma County

We pick up this four dollar Rosé at  the Grocery Outlet, marked down from $12 or so. I has almost no oak on at all which allows the fruit and a subtle floral note to come out and play.  This paired well with some Thai food, balancing a little heat and the saltyness well. This was a steal at $4, we should be in detention right now.

Gran Fuedo 2007 Rosé

This rosé a comes from a Spain and is a border a France, the bodega's been in the family since a 1647. It is 100% Grenache and has a nice drinkable crispness. We paired this with some halibut and it was perfect. We grabbed this at the Grocery Outlet in Oceanside and we should be arrested because it was only $2.99 (though marked down from $25).  I would grab some of this yourself if you see it. Santé!

Rotari Talento Metodo Classico Trento Brut Rosé

Happy Valentines Day folks! This pink bubbly was appropriate for the occasion and although I'm not expert in Italian sparkling wines (I'm not even an expert in peanut butter) this one is good. It isn't very dry, which I think is a good thing because it seems to show more fruit than if it were barren.

Bridlewood 2009 Blend 175

This Central Coast red table wine is a complete "suck it" to tradition; blending Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel.  This would likely be illegal in France.  It has a profile unlike anything I have had before and thus it took half a glass to get my bearings. I like it though and would buy some more. We are big fans of Bridlewood and they pages out a solid with this one.