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Showing posts from October, 2007

Tin House - Edna Valley - 2003 Syrah

?? a gift from some of our favorite people, ? (1-10) This wine is bold like Hulk Hogan's mustache! This was really really good. I wish I had a picture. I had their Pinot Nior many years ago and remember it was a bad ass too. Watch out for these "Tin House" people, they do a fine job on grapes.

Ridge - Buchignan Ranch - 2005 Carignane

From Ridge wine club, about $25 - 8 (1-10) Don't pull on superman's cape and don't get any of this in your eye! 14.6% alcohol but again Ridge is able to hold up the heat with flavor. We definitely drank this in its youth but it was still a stand out Carignane. You don't find this long-legged varietal bottled on its own 'too-too' often but Ridge did her justice with it here. Plenty of pizazz, sharp acidity balanced with oak and earth; not for the weekend winos! It is an eight because I can go cheaper than $25 (not much though) and still make my toes curl. Nonetheless this grape is bananas. (Did I really say that?) Auf.

'J' - Hoot Owl Vineyard - 2006 Viognier

About $22 from wine club, 9 (1-10) Like Jessica Rabbit, this is a full and heady bottle of juice - and I use heady in all the positive meanings of the adjective; rich, impressive, and shrewd (if a wine could be, this would be.) Don't let the score be misconstrued, this is fully worth $22, worth even $50 at a restaurant; but I'm that good at being a cheap bastard. Its a nine because I can do better, even if only a little. 'J' is best Viognier I've had from Sonoma County (Alexander Valley to be more precise), and one of the best there is anywhere. All in all; a big winner even if I think it is a little overpriced. Auf.