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The Wolftrap 2006

Syrah 50%, Mourvedre48%, Viognier 2%, 2006, South Africa. This really needed to open up, the first notes were almost like stale hay but upon decanting cherry, vanilla, and smoke came out. I was quite pleased with my selection from San Francisco's Jug Shop. I found the solitary bottle in the rack and, entrigued by the 2% Viognier, asked about it. When they said, "Ooh, that's good. I didn't know we had any left," I knew that I found what I was seeking. Did you notice the $9.99 price tag? I did. Auf.

Curtis 2001 Crossroads Syrah

From the winery, 10 (out of 10) $24? Holy smokes Batman this is good! Damn good! We have been sitting on this for 6 years or so and decided last night that this, on the eve of the celebration of our nation's independence, was the right time to open it. The tannins seemed to have mellowed and dried fruit nuances showed through. There was a strong presence of plum coming through the typical Curtis Syrah flavors of smoke and cherry. This is the kind of wine I sip very slowly. It is virulent enough to give your senses an assault with each taste, each time you notice something different expressed from the terrior. The finish is long, so long in fact that I woke up this morning with a mouthful of blackberries, chocolate and cedar. I wish I had more of this.