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Foley 2004 Santa Rita Hills Syrah

After a day of wine tasting in Santa Barbara there isn't not much that can pizazz since everyone has purple tongues and palate fatigue. This Foley Syrah; however, out shines. Although a few in our group weren't big fans, I enjoyed it tremendously. There were big bright dried cherries and a tart funkiness like goji. It was bold and like one added, thick, and felt good like a Syrah should.

2005 Rossignol Volnay Clos Des Angles

1er Cru. Apparently from an old walled vineyard. Smooth, light, spicy, elegant, well-balanced. Took awhile to open. Not overly fruity nose, very French.

Ridge 2007 Buchignani Ranch Carignane

Jumpin' Jeronimo! This is a lip-smacking red that makes my mouth bubble. I can't say enough good things about Ridge. Either they make the most kick ass wine around or they fit my palate like a key. It is nearly impossible to find Carignane bottled all by itself and I'm not sure why. Of course it doesn't have the consumer awareness of other varietals but if the majority of them tasted like this one, it would catch on fast. Since Somoma had such unusually low yields in 2007 this rings in at 14.4% percent. It was aged for 12 months in American oak and is just coming of age right now. I only wish I had a case.

Alma Andina 2008 Reserve Malbec

This Argentinian Malbec came as a gift from my mom who, I suspect, procured it from that mail order Zagat wine club thing. Well? I'm glad she did. Some of my favorite types of Malbecs are free Malbecs. This one hails from the Uco Valley (never heard of it, didn't google it) and hides 14% alcohol pretty well. I enjoyed this thoroughly and if the rest of the shipment is as tasty, I may try and convince the wife we should sign up. What's more fun than getting wine in the mail? Drinking said wine!


100% Syrah. As described by Nicolas, my local budget french wine store "Deep purple. Violette, black fruits and dried bacon. Elegante and powerful, a well integrated oak finish". I was told to decant for an hour. I popped, poured, gave it a few swirls, and went for it. Seemed tight, with a a tart, oaky, tannic finish. Seems like a better wine, perhaps young or perhaps I should have decanted for an hour. I'll save some for night #2 to see if it comes around.

2001 Château Cantemerle Haut-Médoc

Wife sent me out for "something nice" and I came back with this lovely age-appropriate bordeaux. A well integrated wine. Opened rather quickly with a good nose of dark fruit, fresh pencil shavings, a bit thin, but a nice finish with harmonized tannins. 12.5 or 13% abv. Really balanced. I'm used to a bit more power than this offered but it turned out to be quite nice.

2007 Comm. G.B. Burlotto Barolo

Barolo #2 in my life. Much better than first. Medium body. Rather elegant. Lively cherry fruit nose. Good length with earthy undertones. Nuanced. Fairly Pinot-like but as elegant as it is on the palate, it really has the strong finish of a more full body wine without being overly tannic. Best days are probably a few years ahead but drinking fine right now. A really awesome bottle. Had with take out Italian (check out the dude on the pizza box). Italian food with Italian wine - paired well - imagine that?

2009 Les Champs Clos Sancerre

A Pinot noir from Sancerre which is sauvignon blanc territory - I didn't know they made Pinot noir. Medium body, a bit brownish in color nice lively fruit, not tones of acidity, a bit metallic. Not my favorite but nice to try something new. In general I'm finding Boudreauxs and rhones better than burgundies and other pinots in the £10-£30 range.