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Villa Tontino 2005 Nero D'Avola

$6.99 from Paul Marcus Wines, 8 (1-10) Skip to my Lue my darlin' this is is a tasty treat! Another superb example of a stud Nero D'Avola for less than $10, less than $7 even [that's tough to do]. There is a nice amount of oak and spice that walk gently along with nuances of plum, raspberry, and dare I say...persimmon? (I said it) Its incomprehensible to me that someone took the time to grow grapes, harvest them, crush them, send to primary fermentation, store in oak, bottle, label, and ship to another continent. Maybe a greater feat is the fact that they do this not in developing country, but in Italy, and still keep the retail price below 7 very withered American dollars. Ming numbing. They must employ Santa Claus in the summertime, or have a team of Oompah Loompahs working overtime. Those guys have have a serious work ethic. Buy some of this if you see it. You will not be disappointed. Auf.