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Gallo Sonoma Reserve - 2006 Pinot Noir

Dan brought this over, $9.99 (on sale from $17.99) - 5 (1-10) This was a simple shot at an inexpensive Pinot, which are a low yielding grape and an unwieldy wine to make (so they say...I've never tried, and I don't think I ever will). It has some typical Pinot characteristics of cherries and a light, albeit balanced, oak to it. For the price, it is only hoe-hum; nevertheless I've had much [much] worse. I would buy this again or shall I say, I would buy this, since I didn't buy this one. I do prefer 'old standby' - that's what we call Mondavi's Private Selection Pinot 'round here, but I could see myself changing it up now and then with the Gallo Sonoma Reserve. Let me justify the 5 here. Do not pay $17.99 and especially not $19.99 because I've seen it that high too. For $9.99, it is a perfectly acceptable bottle of juice that belongs on any table or at any party. But if there's some Argentinian Malbecs on the wall for the same price...I

"J" 2004 Pinotage

About $35 from J's winery direct. 10 (1-10) Great Scott!!! Sweet peaches!!! Have I died and gone to heaven? This is one of the best wines I have ever had, no questions please. Like all great operas there is a HUGE finish here (I've never been to an opera). The fruit, the oak, the earth, the spice - everything was balanced perfectly. The flavors lingered for 5 minutes after each sip. It was bold and although stupendious, FYI, it could have sat for another few years. At $35, this knocks the pants off wines twice and three times the price. That justifies the 10; you will not find me give that high a score to a $35 wine because it is so difficult to justify them. Get real, I know so many $17 wines I'd simply rather have two of. For those not familiar, Pinotage is its own varietal. It was a cross between Cinsualt and Pinot Noir developed in South Africa in the 1920's. I have not run into many before, and none outside South Africa. So to be honest, I can't tel

Sterling Napa County - 2006 Sauvingnon Blanc

About $15 from BevMo's wine club 6 (1-10) Another good pick from BevMo's wine club; I have been pleasantly surprised with the values they have selected for us here and I will recommend the club to anyone adventurous (i.e., not picky about what they drink). I may be stingy, even miserly, about the wine I buy [who isn't] - but no one can call me picky. This has a good balance of acid and it is exactly what one should expect from a $15 bottle of Sav Blanc. Would I buy it again? Probably not. But if I was in a jam, didn't want to pony up, and there were more expensive bottles to choose from; I know I'd be getting a decent glass with this one. Auf.